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Re: [Shop-talk] Another wandering off-topic.....GPS

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Another wandering off-topic.....GPS
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 13:44:08 -0600
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Google traffic is vastly more useful than the alleged traffic that I get in
my Garmin Nuvi 3590.  The traffic reports in the Nuvi are (in my
observation, in Chicago) at most 25% accurate when they warn of traffic.
Accuracy is far less than that when considering actual  traffic jams that it
does not report.

Google traffic, OTOH, seems to be at least 75% accurate both ways - there is
usually traffic when it reports it, and it usually reports actual traffic I
find.  Speed of reporting seems good too - I've found new traffic jams on
roads previously clear, and watched to see when the jam appears on the
traffic map.  Maybe 5-10 minutes the couple of times I've seen that happen.

Also - with lots of touchscreen pushing you can view the traffic along your
route on the Garmin, but then you need to return to your map to use it.
Google traffic on my Android phone is there all the time if I want it - just
turn the traffic layer on.  Can't do that on the Garmin.  I wish Garmin
would just buy Google's traffic.

I really wonder how Garmin got to be the "standard" for GPS units.  Based on
my use of my new 3590 LMT (their top automotive unit) and an older C60
hiking unit I received as a gift and used in the car occasionally for a few
years, Garmin is a disappointment.  Clumsy to use, poor manuals, and just
not reliable.  If I ever decide to buy a dedicated aircraft GPS, I'll buy
any other brand than a Garmin.


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