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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] This is why I don't work in IT, was: Re: Entirely not shop related, but...
From: Scott <>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:13:31 -0500
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To tell the truth, I'm more perturbed at Microsoft than I am at the Best 
Buy guy. A lot of that is because I share the same opinion of Best Buy 
employees that most people do--I fully expect if I held up a CD of 
Ke$ha's greatest hits and asked the drone if that would install an OS on 
my laptop that he'd have said yes to that, too. So that he got that 
wrong is expected. I'd have been more surprised had he actually known 
the right answer and cared to give it.

But I've looked over the box my Win8 copy came in, and nowhere does it 
say 'upgrade'. And there wasn't anything on the display, either. There 
were other displays that mentioned 'upgrade', but this one did not. I 
remember that because I wanted to avoid just this exact situation (and I 
knew I didn't have the Vista discs), and I wasn't fully sure that Vista 
qualified for the cheap upgrade, so I just wanted the plain, full, 
stick-it-on-the-hard-drive OS. I got Win8 Pro, and this was the most 
expensive Win8 at the Best Buy I could find, my 'logic' further being 
that I expected the upgrade versions were cheaper, therefore the 
non-upgrade version must be more expensive.

For what it's worth, though, I held up the Win8 box to the guy and said, 
"can I install this on a new hard drive on my laptop without cloning or 
copying anything from the old drive?"  I dunno, maybe you got the good 
Best Buy--I think you can correctly assess my (novice) level of computer 
knowledge based on my questions here, and just based on that I'm 
reasonably certain I qualify to manage the Geek Squad operation in that 
particular store.

My plan is let Peter get me an ISO, which I assume will allow me to use 
the discs I have to authenticate the copy of Win8 I have. If that 
doesn't work, I'll assess how determined I am to deal with the Best Buy 
retards to get a 'full' copy or a refund, and if that doesn't work, I'll 
dispute the charge on my credit card and buy a full copy, or else worst 
case suck it up and clone my old drive to the new one. I'm sure the 
process isn't that bad, but I really don't want any of the malware on 
that drive to get on the new drive, hence the purchase of the new drive 
and the new OS and it's proved very difficult to eradicate. There's no 
kill like overkill.

I'll have to do something, though, because the SSD is taking several 
minutes to boot, whereas the old HDD was talking about fifteen seconds 
(both on Win8). I'd expect an SSD to do at least as well, so I'm hoping 
that's an OS issue that will go away when the problems with it are 


On 12/4/2012 2:48 PM, steve hochschild wrote:
> As a former tech support/ retail sales guy, I probably would have 
> answered the question the same way the Best Buy person did, if I had 
> been that clerk.  I am standing up for the sales people who generally 
> do know far more than is being assumed here.  Do you have any idea how 
> much Microsoft Windows 8 training Best Buy employees have had in the 
> last few weeks?  Many, many, many hours.  Getting and keeping a job at 
> Best Buy is not easy; I do not agree that they hire idiots, which 
> someone said.

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