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[Shop-talk] Time for a new Dremel

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Time for a new Dremel
From: Jim Stone <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 14:45:00 -0600 FILETIME=[3AAFDE30:01CDD260]
After 25 years of good service, my handy old Dremel is finally giving up the
ghost and needs to be replaced.  Before I ask Santa to bring me one, I thought
Id poll the group for thoughts.  My current one has a flexible shaft attached
to it and hangs by the workbench in my garage. While I do use it occasionally
for light polishing, grinding and shaping, by far the most use it sees is as a
cutoff tool.  I almost always have a cutting wheel on it and find it much
easier for light duty work than a full size air tool.  Given how I use it, it
is tempting to get a flexible shaft tool, and could be persuaded by others
experiences, but do like the versatility of the Dremel with the flexible
attachment.  And, I am certainly not wedded to the Dremel brand, if someone
else makes a better one.

As always, thanks.


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