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Re: [Shop-talk] This is why I don't work in IT, was: Re: Entirely no

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] This is why I don't work in IT, was: Re: Entirely not shop related, but...
From: steve hochschild <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 13:48:04 -0600
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As a former tech support/ retail sales guy, I probably would have 
answered the question the same way the Best Buy person did, if I had 
been that clerk.  I am standing up for the sales people who generally do 
know far more than is being assumed here.  Do you have any idea how much 
Microsoft Windows 8 training Best Buy employees have had in the last few 
weeks?  Many, many, many hours.  Getting and keeping a job at Best Buy 
is not easy; I do not agree that they hire idiots, which someone said.

Forgive me if I misread it, but I understood your question to be whether 
or not you could do a clean Windows install on a brand new hard drive 
with an upgrade copy of Windows, and the answer to that is yes, you 
can.  I would have assumed that you actually had the license cd.  No 
sales guy is going to suggest that you are running Windows without a 
license cd, that would not be good sales technique.

Did you specifically ask if you could do a clean install on a new drive 
with an upgrade copy without the original Windows CD?  I believe the 
answer to that question is no, as you have discovered.   Again, I don't 
know what you asked, but that is the way I would have heard and answered 

Anyway, I will go out on a limb and predict that BestBuy will exchange 
the opened upgrade copy you purchased for a full license copy, and 
charge you the difference, if you politely explain that you purchased an 
upgrade product that you can't use.   They might be even more likely to 
agree to this if you take your machine in to them and ask them how much 
the Geek Squad would charge to do this new install for you, which will 
get you what you want, done right, very quickly, and allow them to 
provide the service that makes them useful in this new retail world, 
where places with employees compete with places without employees.  Look 
at the Amazon page, does it answer the question you asked?  How could 
it, there is no one to ask!...

  Please let us know what happens...

On 12/4/2012 10:51 AM, John Miller wrote:
>> Now as a near monopoly of brick & mortar stores, they suck and are far
>> from inexpensive. But'ca know what? They make a great showroom to check
>> things out before you buy from Amazon or NewEgg! (take THAT f*****s!) I
>> don't despise them nearly as much as walmart, but they're getting 
>> closer.
> Part of the problem is, back in the day you had a few product lines, 
> and each line had a few models, and they weren't all that different in 
> their features, and so a mom-and-pop or small local chain could manage 
> to stock enough variety of product to keep everyone happy.
> Then product lines got too big for a small stocking retailer to keep 
> up with, Joe Blow would come through the door looking for the one with 
> the orange light or the 170-frammis epithelium, and he'd end up down 
> at the big-box store where they had twenty different models from ten 
> different manufacturers on the shelf, and you could pick the one that 
> had the switch here or the switch there (while the helpful sales rep 
> tried to sell you the one with two switches instead of one 'cause it 
> paid him more.)
> Now of course we have, for whatever reason, vastly too much product 
> out there for even the big-boxes.   And the narrow (in the case of the 
> small shops) or dubious (in the case of the big-boxes) expertise has 
> been replaced by the Internet hive-mind.
> It's really down to (a) products you have to touch before buying (b) 
> stuff you have to have NOW (c) stuff too bulky, heavy, dangerous, or 
> spoilable to ship and (d) retailers who can maintain or develop a 
> specific product niche.
> John.
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