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[Shop-talk] Is a fence part of a shop?

Subject: [Shop-talk] Is a fence part of a shop?
From: pj_thomas at (Peter J. Thomas)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:03:38 -0400
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On 4/14/2011 11:50 AM, eric at wrote:
> I want to keep my post shop related, but I'm not sure this one qualifies.
> Here goes, yell at me if I'm wrong.
> I have a wooden fence around my garden.  The posts are 4X4 2' in the
> ground.
> The problem is this time of year when I need to rototill.  I have a
> tractor mounted unit.  To use it, I need to remove one side of the fence.
> My question, is there a way to mount some sort of base to the 4X4 that
> would allow me to pull the posts out and place them back in easily?
> Since the gate in on this side, the post need to be tight when in the
> ground (so putting a sonotube in the ground would have too much play.)
> Any ideas or suggests?
> I promise that the winning suggesting will get some fresh veggies from me
> when they come it (if they want them)!
> Thanks!

Pull the post and wrap it in a couple of layers of poly.  The layers 
should be about 1/16" on all four sides.  Set the post wrapped in poly 
in cement.  After it cures, pull post out and remove the poly.  You've 
now got a socket a little bigger than your post. Ideally you should dig 
a hole below the frost line and fill the bottom with gravel for 
drainage.  Set the poly wrapped post on gravel and fill around it with 
cement.  This way the socket runs completely through the cement block 
and any water that runs down the post won't be trapped in the socket and 
rot the post.  Also make sure the post doesn't have any large voids that 
will fill with cement.  The layers of poly will handle small voids.

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