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[Shop-talk] Head Stud Install

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Head Stud Install
From: Chad on LEG <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 23:29:57 -0400
I'm replacing the head bolts on my SBC with ARP studs.
With the cap screws I used ARP's sealant (the bolts holes
open into the water jacket). I'd like to Loctite the studs in place
but not sure which produce to use. On the mains I used #262 (red)
but #271 "locks and seals (Enco catalog page 917) so I'm thinking this
may be a better choice - the catalog continues "...bearing retaining nuts,
cylinder liner studs, door closer plugs, ..." Any recommendations?
Sure was easier when all they had was "Nutlock" and Studlock"!


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