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Re: [Shop-talk] Brake system bleeders

To: Todd Walke <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Brake system bleeders
From: Ronnie Day <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 15:26:31 -0500
Good points, Todd. I hadn't thought about reverse flush messing with
the ABS. Regardless, I'd like a "power/pressurized" flush system I can
use by myself. I've already cost myself unnecessarily by not flushing
the system on our '95 Odyssey ($250 for a new M/C) and a '93 GMC (new
M/C, front calipers and all flex hoses). Need to do it on our '05
Accord like yesterday, and there's the '70 Datsun roadster and a
couple of 510s in storage.

Like I said, we have a fleet which will almost certainly grow and it
just makes sense to have a quick and through method for taking care of
this sort of thing.


> Todd

>> Has anyone used any of the reverse flow bleeder system like the ones
>> from Phoenix Systems that Stacy David talks about on his show?
>> They make several models including a fairly inexpensive unit for under
>> $100. I wouldn't mind spending that much or a bit more, if they work
>> well of course. It would make taking care of the brakes on our "fleet"
>> a lot easier.
> B  B  B  B I've never liked the whole reverse flow bleed concept. B I don't
> to push the dirty fluid in the caliper back up into the master cylinder.
> B Especially on an ABS-equipped car. B Those ABS pumps and valves aren't
> tolerant of contamination. B I prefer pushing clean fluid through the
> and out to the calipers.
> B  B  B  B I use a Motive Power Bleeder ( on my Golf
> GTI (non-ABS) and my TDI (ABS) with no issues. B After R&Ring the ABS pump
> and master on the TDI I was able to bleed the system just fine. B You can
> a Motive with one adapter for $60 or so, $100 will get you several adapters
> to fit different vehicles.
> B  B  B  B The Motive also makes it easy to flush the system, something I
> every two years. B I put two quarts of fluid in the bleeder. B My catch
> container is marked in 1/2 quart increments. B I then put 1/2 quart through
> each caliper, ensuring I've flushed out the old fluid and replaced it with
> new.
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