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Re: [Shop-talk] Toyota Pedal Brouhaha

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Toyota Pedal Brouhaha
From: "Tony Vaccaro" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 00:47:32 -0500
What I have been told is the following.

Toyota tried to put a "feel" into the pedal so that it was not a normal DBW my MINI which is essentially a on and off switch. Same
feeling all the way through the travel.

Toyota wanted it to feel like a throttle CABLE....with it getting
progressively harder the further you went down. They are taking that out and
stiffening up the pedal.

I also heard that several dealers feel that the US Govt got involved by
forcing Toyota to take the cars off the sales and stop production and then
promised them a quick approval if they did so. owned by the US Govt....then offered a Toyota
rebate....Co-incidence or be the judge.  Toyotas off the
market...more GM sales...

I am not saying this is what happened...just that some dealers feel this is
what happened.

Tony Vaccaro

LOONY (Lotus Owners of New York)

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At 07:58 PM 2/1/2010 -0800, Doug Braun wrote:
>I was wondering:  Are there any Toyota owners on the list who have 
>actually worked on, or at least looked at, the type of gas pedal that is 
>giving all the trouble?
>I finally saw a Toyota pres release that described the problem, but it was 
>sort of dumbed-down.

What was interesting to me is that this is a media event.  My Eagle Talon
was recalled in 1996 for a sticking throttle and nothing was said.  Guess
it isn't any fun scaring anyone if it's a small segment of the population.

"I'll never buy another Toyota because of this".  What a bunch of morans.

Did I tell you about the time I didn't tighten the bolt that connected the 
steering column to the rack on my Lotus 7 and it came apart in 
traffic?  Yes, I am a moron, but THAT'S scary.

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