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Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 07:05:22 +0430
I've had great results with my Nuvi 350 over the years.  I did a blind 
cross country trip to AZ from NJ with it.  No problems.  (there was one 
part of ID that had new highway construction that changed the roads, but a 
quick update fixed that.)

It will also take you different directions depending on time of day (to 
avoid high traffic areas.)

One cool feature was that I was able to load Iraq maps into it while I was 
in Iraq and use it.  I couldn't find Afghanistan maps before i left, so I 
don't have it with me now (yes, another Christmas in the middle east.)

The only thing I would say about that Nuvi is that it doesn't let you tell 
it that you are in the military.  So it constantly tries to go around 
military bases (even thought it has all of the roads on the base in the 
map.)  Once you go on a base, it works fine.

For the guy that was having problems with his, I would send it back or 
update the map.  I've never heard of such massive problems with mapping 
from the Nuvi user sites.  I would bet something is wrong with yours.

Also, you can d/l additional features and toys with the Nuvi.

Mine had about an 7 hours battery life when new.  I don't know what it is 
now (over 5 years old) but I can get an hour or two for sure with no 

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Re: [Shop-talk] GPS Systems

I was in West Marine on "Black Friday" and they were having a special on 
Garmin 355w for $119.95 (try to beat that!)I have played around with it in
my home territory and have found that it quite consistently chooses the
route if usually travel. If you do "go home" and decide to go "off route" 
pick up some milk it will annoy you with "recalculating" until you get 
on track....I also order the topographical chip for the central plains
states (I know that somebody is saying, "Why do you need a topographic 
for the central plains? There is no topography there!)because when we are 
the ranch during the summer we are regularly on township roads ("road" is
sometimes being kind)that don't have real names......they are often just
referred to as "the road to so and so's place" I am anxious to see how 
feature works....

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