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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Table Saws
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 22:15:41 -0400 wrote:
> OK, I'm ready to buy a good table saw.  I don't mind spending the mulla, 
> but I want to make sure it is worth the money.
> Anyone have any sources for these (internet, big box, etc?)
> Any recommendations?
The best table saws are Delta and Powermatic.  Jet also makes good 
saws.   I've had a Grizzly contractors saw for many years.  Grizzly has 
their table saws cast in China and machined in the US in their factor 
before shipping (at least were when I bought mine many years ago).  The 
exact model of mine is probably not available but the newer saws are 
basically the same with many improvements.  Grizzly makes decent saws 
that are not as finished as the others but function just as well and 
cost less.

The best type of table saw is a cabinet saw, massive and powerful.  
However, contractor saws are very good mid range saws, just less 
powerful.  Stay away from portable/job site types.

What you should be concerned about this the flatness of the top so 
highly recommend getting one with cast iron wings.  The cast iron wings 
will be truer than stamped steel wings and add mass to the machine to 
cut down on vibration.  Without a flat top you will never get a straight 
cut and risk injury.  If the top is warped the wood can feed into rear 
of the blade and cause kick back.  Excessive vibration can also cause 
the wood to be grab by the rear of the blade and kick back.

Also, you want one with a good fence.  The Bessemeyer type T square 
fences are the best; basically big rail with a rectangular cross section 
mounted across the front and a T square fence made from a similar bar 
and angle iron that clamps to the front rail.  Stay away fences that 
clamp to the front AND rear.  They difficult to lock down parallel to 
the blade and can be damaged if a clamped down out of parallel.  And 
again, if not locked parallel, high velocity flying wood hurled at you.

Peter Thomas

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