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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Harbor Freight testimonial
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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 21:38:52 -0500
Nice review Karl, which one at HF is it/

58 "Bugeye"
66 TR4A

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That's a point - no regulator or water separator included on this model
either.  But it does have a 24" fluorescent light mounted in its own housing
on top of the cabinet, sealed off with glass (even protective plastic sheets
installed for the light and window, and a few spares).  Even the light
switch on the outside of the cabinet has a membrane over it to keep grit

Also - someone posted to advise me to caulk the seams as he had to do with
his TIP cabinet.  I forgot to mention that -- besides an excellent paint
(powder coat?) finish, no sharp edges, etc., they beautifully silicone
caulked every seam - everything that might leak.  They properly pre-applied
all the sealing foam strips on the mating surfaces you have to assemble (and
might want to take apart again some day) - no smashed roll of junk foam that
you'd need to replace with decent stuff - everything is already done, and
really nice.

I feel even better about not having the TIP cabinet now.

It pains me to say this, because I'm a Made in USA kind of guy - but this is
a really nice product.


>I have it's little brother,
> which I got several years ago for about half the list price.  Other than
> being somewhat limited in what I can jam into it, it works fine.  I use
> mostly glass beads in it.   I upgraded to a slightly better gun with
> ceramic nozzles and added a magnetic light on the outside of the cabinet
> and it works fine.  I also added a regulator/water separator on the air
> inlet, and I have my old shop vac hooked up to the vent to keep the dust
> down.  It'll eventually kill the vacuum, but it's a 30 year old Craftsman,
> so I have my money's worth out of it.
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