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Subject: [Shop-talk] Harbor Freight testimonial
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:25:31 -0500
As a long-time Harbor Freight detractor (but also a customer), I was a little
hesitant to buy a blast cabinet there.  But... the 36" floor-model cabinet is
currently on sale for $220, and after a 20% coupon, it was only $176.

Well, having needed a cabinet for 30+ years, I finally gave up on ever
actually buying the 48" TIP Tools one ($1,000 + freight) and decided to get
the HF one for now - another 30 year wait and I'll be 90.

I just took lunch time off and assembled it.  It's really well made, heavy
steel (18-gauge, plenty adequate for the application), everything fits
beautifully, and I can't wait to finish making a mobile base and a "hookah"
filter, and start blasting.

Down side ?  Gun looks OK, but may not be the best - sort of a consumable
anyway.  No foot pedal, no blow-off hose included, thick molded plastic door
(which may not actually be a bad thing ?).

Every one of those issues is readily remedied.  It's very nice and not that
much more than I'd have spent to make a plywood one (which I would have made
much bigger because I could, and then it would have taken up more of the

Anyone needing anything from Harbor Freight, here are two links to different
20%-off coupons that worked for me yesterday (she rang my order as two
separate purchases).  These were the best I found Googling - the better ones
(30% and 45%) are old and expired.


PS - they have gallons of Evapo-Rust in the store for $19.95.
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