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Re: [Shop-talk] water heaters and hot water loops?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] water heaters and hot water loops?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 16:06:33 -0700
> so I'm re-doing the hot water system at the new house, and I was reading
> this article:
> can anyone explain the solution #2 to me? 

As I see it, he has basically turned the tankless heater into a fast
recovery tank-type heater.  When the pump kicks in, it also boosts the hot
water pressure to the rest of the house.  Plus the tempering valve helps
keep the temperature to the shower constant (by mixing less cool water when
the hot water isn't as hot).

Seems like a bunch of money & complication; all based on the concept that
that small tank-type heater plus a tankless heater & pump all lose less heat
to the environment than just a larger tank-type heater would.  A $50 water
heater blanket might work just as well.

My wife started a load of clothes while I was in the shower yesterday.  I
knew she had done it because I felt the momentary drop in pressure; but
didn't need to adjust the temperature at all.  The volume was slightly lower
with the washer running, but not enough to even bother turning the shower up

OTOH, the recirculating system seems like a good idea to me, IF you can
adequately insulate both the hot water and return lines.  Probably still
cost more in the long run (to run the pump) though, so I guess I'll go on
brushing my teeth while the shower gets hot <G>

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