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Re: [Shop-talk] water heaters and hot water loops?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] water heaters and hot water loops?
From: PJ McGarvey <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 16:27:36 -0400
To your question, I think you would need to have the supply run going to the
fixture you want to benefit from the recirculating system - be connected to
the recirculating pump, so it can regulate the temp of water in the supply
line.  As the hot side loses heat, the pump opens and allows hotter water to
mix to warm it up.  That's how I understand it.

It always sounded like a waste to me, but connected to a timer and used in
only certain locations, it might be saving on the cost of water - not sure.

An older coworker and I were just talking about a similiar system he know
about back in the day, where there was a large tank before the hot water
heater, that tempered the cold water from the street before it would get
heated by the hot water heater.  The thinking was that for the price of a big
tank installed in a basement that's not too cold, or even heated, you could
save energy on heating the water from a lower temperature by allowing it to
acclimate to room temp, but it would also make the "cold" supply just a little
less cold as well, which again means you would need less "hot" water at the
fixture to get the desired temp.


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> Subject: [Shop-talk] water heaters and hot water loops?
> so I'm re-doing the hot water system at the new house, and I was reading
this article:
> can anyone explain the solution #2 to me? I mean in such a way that I could
plumb it? I understand the problem he's trying to solve, but I'm not at all
sure how the fix on the last page is solving it. and the narrative in the text
isn't making sense at all.
> thanks in advance.
> scott
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