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Re: [Shop-talk] A really off topic question......

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] A really off topic question......
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 17:37:17 -0500
It's funny, I just bought one of those TVs last week.  (I bought that 
model and a Sony Bravida.)

I came home to two broken TVs.

Anyway, what I'm finding out is that there are multiple places where you 
can set the screen size.

Many Satellite and cable boxes also do this so you need to check many 

What you are trying to do is not "scrunch" the picture down.  Welcome to 
the next generation of TV.  The words "aspect ratio" will haunt us for 
decades to come.

Many TV shows were shot in the old aspect ratio and your new TV wants to 
play them in the new ratio.

You are looking for button on your remote that say "pic size"  scroll 
though the choices.

There are about 4 modes (but your cable box may be sending the mode 
incorrectly as well.)

I hope this helps.

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[Shop-talk] A really off topic question......

Last weekend I visited my brother in law who had recently purchased a
Toshiba Regza LCD TV. Since he is "technologically challenged" he asked me
to set it up for him. I'm still in the CRT non HD mode but I can at least
find my way around a menu. I did manage to get it pretty well adjusted
except for one annoying problem. Regardless of what format I set it to I
could not adjust it so that the banners at the top and bottom displayed
fully. This was particularly annoying watching a basketball game because 
couldn't see the scores, the clock or the shot clock. On old tech CRT TVs
there use to be and adjustment that you could make with a screwdriver to
"scrunch" the vertical enough to get everything in.

Does anybody have a suggestion?
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