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[Shop-talk] A really off topic question......

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Subject: [Shop-talk] A really off topic question......
From: "Gerald Brazil" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 17:34:22 -0500
Last weekend I visited my brother in law who had recently purchased a
Toshiba Regza LCD TV. Since he is "technologically challenged" he asked me
to set it up for him. I'm still in the CRT non HD mode but I can at least
find my way around a menu. I did manage to get it pretty well adjusted
except for one annoying problem. Regardless of what format I set it to I
could not adjust it so that the banners at the top and bottom displayed
fully. This was particularly annoying watching a basketball game because you
couldn't see the scores, the clock or the shot clock. On old tech CRT TVs
there use to be and adjustment that you could make with a screwdriver to
"scrunch" the vertical enough to get everything in.

Does anybody have a suggestion?
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