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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Dimmable CFLs at Home Depot
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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 10:43:18 -0800
It has been my experience that CFL's don't like to be turned off/on (seems 
to dramatically shorten their lives). I put them in the bathrooms where they 
are turned off and on many times a day (no windows) and they seem to die 
frequently even though the total number of hours on are very low compared to 
the ones in the living room that get many hours of use but are turned off/on 
once a day. Perhaps it could be the humidity, too, I suppose.

As far as Feit CFL's, I bought a bunch a couple years ago and almost all of 
them failed -- I think they put out a bad batch.

To their credit, when I emailed them to complain (I had no receipt or proof 
of purchase), they agreed to send me replacements for free even without a 
receipt. Then someone in their shipping dept. screwed up and they sent me 
the replacements twice. I contacted them to let them know that they sent me 
twice as many bulbs as they should have and I offered to send them back if 
they would give me a shipping address, and they told me to keep them and 
they were sorry for the failures.

I don't think any of the replacements have failed, so I am thinking they 
just had a bad batch.With these mass-produced consumable coming from China, 
there could be millions of them in the supply chain (in containers on ships, 
in warehouses, etc.) before they find out that there was a 
engineering/manufacturing flaw.

I am impressed at how well Feit stood behind their products, though. 
Initially I thought I would never buy another Feit, but they changed my 



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> When we moved to a new house ~3 years ago, it had zillions of those 
> ceiling-mounted 65-watt reflector bulbs.  Then I saw that the local 
> hardware store had a real good subsidized price on "Feit" brand reflector 
> bulbs, so I bought a dozen.  At this point, there are only one or two left 
> in servixe, the rest have all burned out.  I had left incandescent bulbs 
> in s few places, and I found that the Feit bulbs burned out about as often 
> as the incandescents.
> Since then I have generally bought GE or Philips, and they seem to last 
> longer.  Of course, they are all made in China...
> Doug
>> They are from FEIT Electric (which is a CA company, tho the
>> bulbs are made
>> in China) and the box says the price includes a discount
>> from my local
>> electric company; so they may not be found in all stores.
>> But it might be
>> worth a look, if you need them.
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