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Re: [Shop-talk] pvc unions?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] pvc unions?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 08:30:41 -0700
> when I cut the lines to remove the filter, 
> I'd like to be able to install something that will let me 
> disconnect the filter again for service later without cutting 
> the pipe.  I was thinking something like what you connect a 
> p-trap with, only larger, but I don't see anything like that.

Hmm, I guess they quit carrying them in the larger sizes.  Home Depot used
to have both socket weld and compression unions for PVC in 2"; but 1.5" is
the biggest I see on their web site.  

But MMC has them in 2" socket weld.

Or I see a box of 5 compression unions on eBay :
Might be you could talk the seller into a smaller quantity, or resell 4 of

Or, use a socket weld to NPT adapter, plus one of these :

> also, anyone know a good abs glue/sealant (separate issue).  

JB Weld is supposed to stick to ABS, tho I've not tried it.  My SS pool
filter is repaired with JB Weld reinforced with fiberglass cloth and it's
held up for several seasons.  When I tried to repair the PVC chlorinator
with unreinforced JB Weld, it split open again in a few months; but adding
the cloth seems to make the difference.

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