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RE: Computer Question -- Spoofed e-mails

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Subject: RE: Computer Question -- Spoofed e-mails
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 16:00:31 -0800
> There's four approaches for dealing with spam.

At least one more ... have your email client filter based on which IP
address it got the mail from.  It takes some time and effort to form and
maintain the list, but it seems at least as effective as any of the other
messages.  You'll need to learn to read mail headers (which isn't too hard),
and look up IP addresses, and sometimes Google the domain owners to decide
if this is a spam haven or not.

Using this method, I get no more than a handful of spam not filtered out per
week, and maybe one false positive per month.  The accuracy is good enough
that it's easy to pick out the false positives in my Spam folder.

> Also, turn off HTML, turn off all kinds of rich text in your email. 
> Read email plain-text.  It makes spam and phishes almost comically 
> stupid-looking.

Absolutely !  If your email client doesn't offer a way to do this, get
another client !

While I hate to plug M$, Outlook 2003 (not Express) does a pretty good job
in this regard.  By default, it will display HTML, but not _anything_ that
references an outside server.

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