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RE: freeware substiute for MS Word /Excel

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Subject: RE: freeware substiute for MS Word /Excel
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 15:47:10 -0800
> Read the T&C's (EULA???) that you "accept" when you load 
> Microsoft software,
> you will find that you can load MS Office on two machines; 

Good idea to read it, but that isn't necessarily what you will find.  Only
some full-price retail versions have that provision; pre-installed, bundled
and volume licensed versions do not.

Note that the EULA itself is different for every minor variation in product
... the one for Word 2000 isn't the same as the one for Word 2003, nor is
the "Professional" version the same as the "Students and Teachers" version.

Not sure what the current status is, but there has also been a lot of fuss
over new terms in the Windows Vista EULA.  Basically, the old full retail
EULA allowed you to install the software on as many different machines as
you wanted, as long as it was only installed in one place at one time.
(Uninstall the old copy before installing a new copy.)  You could also
resell the software to another individual.  However, the new Vista EULA is
different ... it only allows you to replace your computer once.  And you can
only resell the software if you bought it from a retailer ... not if you
bought it from another end user.


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