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RE: Hot water for garage bathroom

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Subject: RE: Hot water for garage bathroom
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 22:21:35 -0800
> I am sure I will have many questions, but the main one now concerns a
> hot water source.  A small electric hot water heater would be an easy
> alternative, but I was surprised at what some of the 4 gpm tankless
> heaters are going for on ebay.  I was also surprised by the 60A draw
> for those units!  Any experience or advice?

Tankless units need a lot of power when the water is flowing, because they have
to heat the water basically instantly.  Generally they have a limited
temperature rise too, so the hot water may be cooler in the wintertime. You can
get by with a smaller unit if you are willing to live with less flow/rise.  Of
course, their big advantage is that they use no power at all when the water is
not flowing, for an overall reduction in energy usage.

But if the 60A or the cost is a problem, you might be better off with a small
tank-type heater.  2.5 gallons is enough for washing hands, and 10 gallons will
even support a quick shower.  Some units will even work on 110v and fit in the
space under a sink.


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