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Re: stainless steel cable for hanging and current?

Subject: Re: stainless steel cable for hanging and current?
From: Battmain <>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 15:13:21 -0400
Home Depot sells the cable stuff. I saw some earlier when I went to
look at replacement ceiling fans. The ones that I saw with the lights
were small though and I doubt the would support the weight
of the pots, so she'll have to deal with some wire if she doesn't like the
chains. Stronger wire cable is also sold in my local store, but I
doubt it would be up to code if you ran current through it and then
you have the problem of making it 'look' good when you attach it to
the rack. A suggestion, since you already have the work done is to
cover the chain with something, like velor or cloth in the color of
her choice.


On 8/26/06, <> wrote:
> I'm hanging a pot rack for my wife.  this thing is both a fixture and a 
>lighting fixture.  it uses a pair of chains to hang/support the rack, and lamp 
>cord to power the lights.  naturally, this is not up to her kitchen aesthetic 

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