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stainless steel cable for hanging and current?

Subject: stainless steel cable for hanging and current?
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:58:35 +0000
I'm hanging a pot rack for my wife.  this thing is both a fixture and a 
lighting fixture.  it uses a pair of chains to hang/support the rack, and lamp 
cord to power the lights.  naturally, this is not up to her kitchen aesthetic 

do any of you know a cable type or supplier where I can buy stainless wire that 
I can also use to carry a current?  I figure I can replace the two chains with 
the cable, and hopefully use one of them to power the lights.

barring that, I'm open to suggestions.  I figure I could replace the chains 
with cable, and run a third similar-appearing cable to power the lights if I 
can't make one both load- and current-bearing.

and any advice, if any of you know, on how to replace those chains with the 
steel cable?  she's looking for that same look you see in suspended (pendulum?) 

dunno, I all know is I just spent several hours in the attic running wire and 
framing box hangers and she doesn't like the look of the chains.  but then 
again, I kinda figured she wouldn't.  my fault for trying it.  and how cool 
will it look when it's done?

thanks in advance.


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