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Re: refrigerator compressor

To: "Randall" <>
Subject: Re: refrigerator compressor
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:10:10 -0500
I can pull a vacuum equal to whatever the ambient pressure is, according to
my gauge set.  Never had a moisture problem.  Heck, some people use vane
pumps or even those venturi gadgets - now THOSE can't pull a deep vacuum.
But a real HVAC compressor will pull as deep a vacuum as you need to boil
off any water.  Of course, I do leave it on for at least an hour before
charging - water will evaporate at ambient pressure, so a deep vacuum just
speeds things up.


> > I heard a refrigerator compressor can be used as a vacuum pump
> > to pull a vacuum on an automobile, or other, AC systems. Anyone have
> > experience with this?
> It works OK if you're just trying to suck the air out, but doesn't pull a
> hard enough vacuum to boil out any accumulated moisture (especially from
> dryer).  So if you have a moisture detector in the system, it will turn
> yellow again almost immediately.  But, I've never seen a car with a
> detector, so you'll probably never know the difference.
> Randall

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