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Re: Staining a fence

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Subject: Re: Staining a fence
From: "PJ McGarvey" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 09:18:31 -0400
> I have to stain a 100' long 8' high cedar board fence. This is an older
> fence (don't think it has ever been stained or sealed). Not so much
> concerned with the color, as I am getting some sort of sealant on it to
> prolong it's life a few more years.
> 1. What product (other than Thompson's) would be good for this
> application?

Having recently built some cedar outdoor furniture, and asked some
woodworkers what they recommended.  I tried Cabot's Australian Timber Oil
and Sikkens Cetol 1.

The Sikkens will cost a bit more and might be harder to find (their website
can tell you where to find it) but is better for furniture, it dries better
and just looks better, more of a flat sheen, but you can tell it's
definitely the better product - and apparenlty it will protect better over
the years.  The Cabots (@ Lowes) stands out a bit more, but leaves a bit of
a tacky finish, and will come cheaper too.  For a fence, I would probably
try the Cabots.  I brushed them all on, so no experience with spraying.


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