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Staining a fence

To: <>
Subject: Staining a fence
From: "Wayne Farrington" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 19:15:27 -0700
I have to stain a 100' long 8' high cedar board fence. This is an older 
fence (don't think it has ever been stained or sealed). Not so much 
concerned with the color, as I am getting some sort of sealant on it to 
prolong it's life a few more years.

1. What product (other than Thompson's) would be good for this 

2. I don't want to brush it on, and I don't want to do the old pump-up 
garden sprayer method. That of course leaves some sort of spraying 
method. I "might" have enough air hose to string a line from the shop to 
the fence, but it will be close. What are my options here:

- rent some sort of airless sprayer from the rental store?
- buy or rent some sort of sprayer that would work off the shops 
compressed air?
- one of the wagner electric sprayers? Do those really work?
- other?


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