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RE: question on bandsaws ??

To: "shop-talk" <>
Subject: RE: question on bandsaws ??
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 21:41:10 -0700
> I realize that a metal saw turns slower....say 300 fpm and less and a wood
> saw is over 1000 fpm...   would it be possible to replace the a/c motor with
> a d/c equivalent and dial it down to the proper speed... surely someone has
> done this and has plans out there...
> don't they ???

I've not tried it, but I've read some articles.  Chances are, the motor and
controller would cost a good deal more than the infamous $150 metal-cutting
bandsaw from Horrible Freight.

> would a cheap (say H.F.) bandsaw hold up to metal work ...bearings or
> bushings and such ???

I've read an article where the saw owner introduced another jackshaft to reduce
the blade speed for metal cutting.  ISTR he had an issue with needing to shield
better against metal chips ... the occasional wood chip won't hurt a motor or
bushing much, but metal chips are a problem ... otherwise it seemed to work OK
for him.

I've seen another article about just running the blade way too fast (wood
cutting speeds) ... wish I could remember what the result was.  But all I do
remember is that I wasn't interested.


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