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question on bandsaws ??

To: "shop-talk" <>
Subject: question on bandsaws ??
From: "john niolon" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 19:23:24 -0500
was reading on another forum about someone needing a metal cutting benchtop budget and space...wondered about using a wood saw.. 
discussion led to... 'it's too fast' and 'it won't hold up'  and 'don't be 
cheap'  etc...

I realize that a metal saw turns slower....say 300 fpm and less and a wood 
saw is over 1000 fpm...   would it be possible to replace the a/c motor with 
a d/c equivalent and dial it down to the proper speed... surely someone has 
done this and has plans out there...
don't they ???

would a cheap (say H.F.) bandsaw hold up to metal work ...bearings or 
bushings and such ???


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