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Re: Shop Press?

Subject: Re: Shop Press?
From: Richard Beels <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 02:15:38 -0400
I haven't had to weld mine yet and I've been horking on it pretty well.

I did just recently replace the bottle jack with a pneumatic one to 
save my shoulder.

And yes, a large assortment of metal bits, tubing and such are always 
recommended as accessories.

At 08-09-2006 at 16:45, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Doug Braun's 
keyboard and said:

>I was thinking of getting one of those low-end
>(e.g. Harbor Freight or Homier) 20-ton shop presses,
>the kind that are built around a big bottle jack
>and a steel frame.
>Are those worth owning, or will they just
>start bending or breaking if you try to get a
>full 20 tons out of them?
>I am restoring a Ford Model A, and I would need a
>press for things like straightening a bent axle,
>swedging new wheel studs, etc.


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