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Re: Shop Press?

Subject: Re: Shop Press?
From: Battmain <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 17:14:45 -0400
Mine has worked for everything I've thrown at it so far.
It is a small press though, so you may occasionally have
to come up with some creative ways to do things. I have
some small pieces of 90degree iron that I cut up for just
those purposes. (sometimes using them in addition to
the plates they send with the unit.)

New name for them. Harbor NO-Freight.  Waiting to
see if they're going to deliver an item I ordered on Jun 6th.


On 8/9/06, Doug Braun <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was thinking of getting one of those low-end
> (e.g. Harbor Freight or Homier) 20-ton shop presses,
> the kind that are built around a big bottle jack
> and a steel frame.
> Are those worth owning, or will they just
> start bending or breaking if you try to get a
> full 20 tons out of them?

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