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Re: Trailering

Subject: Re: Trailering
From: James Juhas <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 10:26:41 -0500
Inch, FWIW, I once transported a 500# Virago in the back of my Ford F150 
and it was off to one side of the centerline.  It made a very large 
difference in stability as opposed to transporting one straight up in 
the center.  Now, that's on the back of a truck with a much higher 
center of gravity, so I'm sure that it exaggerated the condition.  But 
your MC is 200 to 300 pounds heavier than that.  If it were me, I'd be 
concerned that I could ballast it with enough weight on the other side.

Then again, with an FL in a six-foot wide trailer, it can't be very far 
off center anyway, can it?  May not matter.


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