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Custom Garage Door Tracks?

Subject: Custom Garage Door Tracks?
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 10:33:21 -0500

I am thinking of getting a 4-post car lift for my garage, but there is a 
problem with
the door.  The garage has a 12-foot ceiling, and the two doors are about 6'6" 
high, with
a conventional track and opener system.  Thus, the horizontal portion of the 
is only about seven feet high, and there is five feet of unusable space above 
the tracks.

What I really want is are tracks that rise almost vertically almost to the 
and then travel only a couple of feet horizontally, well out of the way of the 
car lift.

Do you think this is possible using conventional vertical-lift residential 
garage door technology?
Will a typical garage door installer be able or willing to deal with this?  I 
would rather 
not have to change the entire door system, because I need to modify only
one door, and they really ought to match.

I guess I could use swing-out doors, but then I would have to rebuild both door 
and replace both doors, and even the unaffected door would have to be manually 

Doug Braun

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