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Re: Where to buy coveralls?

Subject: Re: Where to buy coveralls?
From: John Miller <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 08:20:46 -0700
> Just don't mention my name if you call them.  I dated the owner's daugther
> for 2 years and I think she is still hurt from the breakup. 

Let's see...that was 1987?

> (She was a great catch, but her parents ruined her with money!)

Hey, they might have ruined *you* with money too.

> I get my stuff at Walmart now (read above why I can't shop there anymore)

I guess there are people who shop at Walmart or they wouldn't be as big 
as they are...the only thing I buy there is Rotella T Synthetic.

> The clothes quality are cheap, but so are the prices.

Since you weren't properly corrupted.

I think the last couple pairs I've bought came from Sears, and I've got 
a couple pairs of Ben Davis that I can't remember where they came from.

Probably time to go pick up another pair, I've got one that's pretty 
badly shredded and another that's got lots of little holes in it now (I 
should find something else to wear while welding.


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