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Eclipse (DSM 1g) clutch

Subject: Eclipse (DSM 1g) clutch
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 09:40:41 -0700
My '91 Eclipse turbo drivetrain started acting wierd yesterday.
On the way in to work the front wheels 'skipped' a couple times
as I was passing other cars, and I just thought they were losing
traction.  Then it happend a lot on the way home, when I was driving
gently and the tires shouldn't have been losing traction.  It was hard to
drive it up the steep road to my house without it 'skipping' a lot.
The outside of the car smelt like burnt brakes when I got home.

It sort of felt like clutch chatter.  I haven't ever had a clutch
go out, and the only time I've been in someone else's car with
a clutch going out, it just slipped when the throttle was floored
and the gearbox was in a higher gear.  

The car's got low miles (I bought it from a friend this summer with 85k
miles on it, its got 89k now).  The clutch was never replaced since new.

I did put Redline MTL in the trans a month or so ago, but I can't
imagine how that would cause this behaviour.

Is this a clutch that's gone out?

If so, should I get a stock clutch?

Is there anything else I should have replaced while the clutch is
replaced?  Besides the throwout bearing that is.

Its a long shot, but does anyone know a good shop for DSMs
in the south bay area of SF?  



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