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Re: Nuts and bolts

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Subject: Re: Nuts and bolts
From: "Elton Clark" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 23:00:07 -0500
We "scroungers" are always on the alert for shop  items and this problem of
hardware storage is a common need.  It make take a little patience, but
fantastic storage bins are discarded very often by auto parts stores and
hardware departments when they change lines of brass fittings,  plumbing
supplies, and hardware.  I was given a 100 drawer "Imperial Brass Fittings"
stand-up bin system merely because the auto parts store  had a new supplier.

Unsolicited advice:

When you stock your bolts, seek out a supplier who will sell you bolts by
the pound . . often farm supply stores offer this system which allows good
pricing.  Also,  don't buy anything less than grade 5 fasteners . . they
cost a few cents more but  they'll keep you from ever being tempted to use a
cheap bolt in a critical application.


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