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Re: more saw blade ??s

To: "Skip Albright" <>, <>
Subject: Re: more saw blade ??s
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 13:22:34 -0400
> I use a sawzall to dismember cars.  works well, but I use up
> blades at an alarming rate.
> Any hints or favorites?

I do have a favorite for cutting up cars, a couple cars every few months or
so.  DeWalt's Demolition blades.  It has a larger profile than most
reciprocating saw blades and I have not managed to break or bend one yet
while cutting up a car.  One blade easily does one car, although I keep a
few spares on hand just in case.

As Karl said, all of DeWalt's blades are top notch.  I also prefer DeWalt
Cobalt drill bits and DeWalt grinding discs.  Other than that, I do not own
a single DeWalt too.  I just bought a Hitachi reciprocating saw to replace
two dead Ryobis.. very impressed.


Kai M. Radicke
Wishbone Classics
* British Car Parts *
Ph: 215.945.7250

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