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Fw: more saw blade ??s

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Subject: Fw: more saw blade ??s
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 09:55:36 -0500
I've tried lots of blades, expensive to cheap, and have had some of the best
life out ot DeWalt blades.  Reasonably priced (actually cheap) but more
durable than Milwaukee, Bosch, Skil, Vermont American, Blu-Mol, and whatever
else I've tried.

Sheet metal, dimensional steel stock, wood, plaster, general demolition,
cutting huge tree roots in the ground, whatever -- those el-cheapo DeWalts
seem to go on forever.

Be sure to match the tooth count, set, etc. to the material being cut, as so
many others have described.  Using the right blade design for the job can go
a long way to adding life no matter what the brand.


> From: "Skip Albright" <>
> > I use a sawzall to dismember cars.  works well, but I use up blades
> > at an alarming rate.
> > I have tried several brands and tooth sizes, all either break off at
> > the tang or  go dull in moments.
> > todays batch are Bosch 14 tooth blades. I have tried "bi-metal blades
> > with little difference , except on my wallet.
> > Any hints or favorites?

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