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Re: weedwhacker style carbs...

To: Mark Andy <>
Subject: Re: weedwhacker style carbs...
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:57:42 -0700
On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 03:21:21PM -0400, Mark Andy wrote:
> Interesting... I didn't know there was a difference in two stroke oil 
> between air & water cooled motors.  Which is designed to run hotter... The 
> Air cooled stuff?  What symptoms will using water cooled oil in an air 
> cooled motor have?  I think its likely i used some old redline two stroke 
> oil I had laying around from my GP motorcycle (2 stroke) days...

Redline's what I use in everything... off road bikes and power equipment.

The aircooled oil is designed to work in a hotter engine
without leaving too many deposits but any quality synthetic will do 
fine... this isn't a highly tuned motor.

> > Take the carb apart and spray carb cleaner everywhere and in every 
> >little orifice and passage. It probably contains a tiny fuel diaphragm 
> >fuel pump, inspect it but be careful with the diaphragm it might be 
> >reusable if it's still pliable.
> The fuel pump is in the carb or separate?

The pump is a diaphram on one side of the carb.
That side of the carb will have a vacuum line to the crankcases.
Case vacuum moves the diaphram, which pumps gas
into the bore of the carb.

> Yeah, it'll idle fine usually (both on and off the choke), until you give 
> it even a tiny bit of throttle (like, anything at all, well below the rpm 
> the clutch kicks in at so there's no load), then it dies.

Sometimes that's a symptom of a fouled plug.

Happened to my weed whacker a couple weeks ago.  In a pinch you
can ressurect a plug by spraying it with carb cleaner and
using a propane torch to burn off the carb cleaner.
A short spritz of carb cleaner in the cylinder before you
put in the plug (after letting it cool) will act as
starter fluid.

But of course a new plug is better.


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