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Re: wood overhead

To: Skip Albright <>
Subject: Re: wood overhead
From: James Juhas <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 15:13:07 -0400
Another idea for you.  I did this in my garage for an extra margin of 

If you scab some 2x's along the rafter to strengthen the beam, then 
support it at each side with an adjustable support column (lally 
column???) commonly used in basements, you will have a very strong 
apparatus to lift most anything.  For cheap.

In my application, I screwed together 3 2x4s and attached them to the 
drywall ceiling in my garage.  When lifting chores are called for, I put 
the columns in place, hook a hoist over the wood, and lift away.  I have 
lifted lots of engines this way, and hoist my big motorcycles (500# to 
700#) this way to put them on stands to work on.

Skip Albright wrote:

> In my elderly garage I have 2x8 rafters.  I need to pull motors with a 
> chain fall or come-a-long.
> I know a single 2x8 wont stand the gaff.
> If I scab on some more 2x's it will strengthen the beam, but not 
> improve the weak points where the beam meets the sidewall.
> whats the solution?
> thanks
> Skip
> Nothing is as it appears
> Skip Albright

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