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Re: painting vinyl gutters

Subject: Re: painting vinyl gutters
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 22:39:34 -0400 wrote:

>I'd have thought it was an easy question, but the box store droids either 
>don't know or won't say, or offer conflicting information:
>can I paint vinyl gutters?  is it a good idea to do so, or am I wasting my 
>time?  and if I can't, is there another way to color them to the taupe (I'm 
>married now...) color my wife wants rather than the white sold in home depot?
>thanks in advance.
The architectural trim on my house if vinyl coated foam.  I painted 10 
years ago with regular old flat exterior grade latex paint and it has 
not peeled.  Two caveats, it was meant to be painted and the vinyl is 
under under an overhang on the north side (no sun).  Still, I used some 
vinyl coolers as saw horses while painting and the latex paint is still 

The problem with vinyl is that it expands and contracts with temperature 
changes.  Something link ename or oil, which forms a hard skin, probably 
won't work, but latex is flexible enough to hold.  Just rough of the 
surface with fine sandpaper before painting to add some bite for the 
paint to hold.

Peter Thomas

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