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Re: painting vinyl gutters

To: Shop-Talk <>
Subject: Re: painting vinyl gutters
From: John Miller <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 20:47:28 -0700
> IMO, it's not a good idea. But if you are wanting to try, perhaps one of 
> new 'plastic' spray paints would work. Krylon has recently come out with a 
> of spray paint for plastics. Don't know if it comes in 'taupe', though. 
> (However, I don't know what color 'taupe' is...)

If you want to try something I'd recommend the Krylon Contractor Door & 
Shutter paint.

It may be the same stuff as the Krylon 'Fusion' stuff, I don't know, but 
what mattered to me is that it's labeled as UV-resistant.   I bought it 
to coat some exposed Schedule 80 PVC pipe outside our house, and the 
local building inspector had a jones for making sure that all exposed 
PVC pipe was painted with something specifically labeled as UV-resistant.

No one local had ever heard of the stuff, the Sherwin-Williams store 
(apparently the same corporate umbrella as Krylon these days) said he 
thought he could order it but he needed to check, and he never called me 

Since their minimum order quantity would have been a case (6 cans) 
anyway, Google turned up this place:

I'd never heard of them, but I went ahead, and it showed up right 
promptly.  Paint went on easily, it's been fine so far.


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