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Re: Sand Blast Nozzle Size

To: Patton Dickson <>
Subject: Re: Sand Blast Nozzle Size
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 16:00:26 -0600

Are you finding that even after the compressor recovers you are
getting minimal blasting effect?

I've found the most critical thing when blasting is moisture in the
air.  Keep the air dry and the media will work.

So before you start, drain your air tank, and put a good water
separator in the supply line just before the cabinet.

I've even heard about one person running his supply line through a
small ice chest, filled with cool water to condense the water before
the air gets to the cabinet.

Larry Hoy
On 5/24/05, Patton Dickson <> wrote:
> I have a HF Blast Cabinet that I am using with my 6HP Campbell
> Hausfeld Air Compressor.  This is one of the cheaper compressors, so
> even though it works, I'm giving it quite a workout when using the
> cabinet.
> Did I read somewhere that you can make the blaster work slightly more
> efficiently by reducing the nozzle size?    Does anyone have a
> recommended nozzle size, I only got one with the cabinet, and don't
> know what size it is.
> Here are the compressors stats
> Campbell Hausfeld  WL6112
> - 30 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor
> - 6.25 HP peak
> - 6.1SCFM@90 peak
> - 7.4 SCFM@40 peak
> Thanks, I know this isn't a pro setup, and it works as is, I just want
> to make sure that I'm not missing something with something as simple
> as a nozzle change.
> Patton

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