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Sand Blast Nozzle Size

To: Shop-Talk <>
Subject: Sand Blast Nozzle Size
From: Patton Dickson <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 14:50:50 -0500
I have a HF Blast Cabinet that I am using with my 6HP Campbell
Hausfeld Air Compressor.  This is one of the cheaper compressors, so
even though it works, I'm giving it quite a workout when using the

Did I read somewhere that you can make the blaster work slightly more
efficiently by reducing the nozzle size?    Does anyone have a
recommended nozzle size, I only got one with the cabinet, and don't
know what size it is.

Here are the compressors stats 
Campbell Hausfeld  WL6112
- 30 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor 
- 6.25 HP peak
- 6.1SCFM@90 peak
- 7.4 SCFM@40 peak

Thanks, I know this isn't a pro setup, and it works as is, I just want
to make sure that I'm not missing something with something as simple
as a nozzle change.


Patton Dickson - Richmond, TX
'57 A-H 100-Six -

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