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Re: table saw

To: Tom Bott <>
Subject: Re: table saw
From: John Niolon <>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 08:33:42 -0500
Hi Folks,  Got a question about a table saw.  I inherited a early 90's
craftsman 3HP table saw.  (cast iron table and belt driven).  It had sat
for a
couple years and it does run;  However,  the blade will bind with the least
resistance.  I even tried cutting some peg board material and it made the
blade bind.   The blade had been replaced just before its last use a couple
years ago.  Is this probably the motor giving out?   Would it be worth it
replace the motor and/or fix the saw or scrap it and buy a new one?


it's not worth the effort and might be dangerous....  stop where you are
now !!
ship the saw to me and I'll take care of disposal (or something)

john  (always trying to help out :-)

if it turns freely by hand (unplug it to test)   I'd bet on the daubers or
dirty contacts...

they say there's a lot of apathy around here... but I don't care...

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