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RE: table saw

To: "Shop-Talk" <>
Subject: RE: table saw
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 17:36:44 -0700
> Hi Folks,  Got a question about a table saw.  I inherited a early
> 90's vintage
> craftsman 3HP table saw.  (cast iron table and belt driven).  It
> had sat for a
> couple years and it does run;  However,  the blade will bind with
> the least
> resistance.  I even tried cutting some peg board material and it made the
> blade bind.   The blade had been replaced just before its last
> use a couple
> years ago.  Is this probably the motor giving out?

Seems unlikely to me.  If it's a capacitive-run motor, the run capacitor
might be dried out, but I don't think a 1990's vintage saw would have such a
thing.  IMO it's more likely a mechanical or electrical problem.

What kind of blade was put on it ?  Does it have enough set ?  Do all the
bearings seem to be in good shape ?

You aren't by any chance trying to run it on 110v, are you ?

>   Would it be worth it to
> replace the motor and/or fix the saw or scrap it and buy a new one?

Kind of depends on the particular saw, and how well it suits your needs.  A
quick peek at Sears's website shows 3 hp table saws starting at $1300 ...
for that price I'd sure try to figure out what it's problem is.


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