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Re: WOOT! the tig is here!

To: "Michael D. Porter" <>
Subject: Re: WOOT! the tig is here!
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 06:58:58 -0500
For those reading this who may be contemplating the acquisition of a tig,
inverter units have significantly lower power demands from the wall.  My 200A
HTP Invertig requires only 24A or so for full power, so it easily runs on a
dryer outlet on an extension.  I can take it almost anywhere.  It's also light
enough to move easily by myself.

I expect other brands have similar traits.

"Michael D. Porter" wrote:

> Steve Shipley wrote:
> >
> > At 11:11 PM 3/25/2005 -0800, Randall wrote:
> >
> >> > Since a "300" sounds considerably larger than my "175"
> >>
> >> Scott already said the "300" was a mistake.
> >
> > "my bad - that's 300 amps out, not in."
> >
> > I believe that my "175" indicates output and requires a 125 amp breaker.
> > Now a larger machine is going to run off a 30 amp breaker.  My guess
> > is the breaker will pop before anything bad happens but it sounds like
> > its waaay undersize.
> All this depends upon the transformer setup of the machine and the
> output voltage. If your input to that machine is 110V-220V
> single-phase, the current requirement might be considerable. If, on
> the other hand, it were 3-phase 440V, the current requirement per
> leg would be minimal at best.

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