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To: <>
Subject: Ni-Cads
From: "Elton Clark" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:33:06 -0600
Okay, this is NUTS!!!!!!!!

I go to buy a couple of new plug-in batteries # 982032-001 for my Craftsman
13.4 cordless drill  . . neither of the original pair will hold a charge.
$40 freaking dollars each plus $10 freight of course!   They have a new 13.4
drill WITH battery for $34 but of course it doens't fit the old drill.

I try "Batteries Plus" . . "Yessir, we rebuild those for only $35.99!!!!

Gimmee a break!   I bought a new Chinese/junk  18volt drill with charger and
battery for $14 the other day!  I know it's a sorry excuse for a drill but
why do I end up paying $36 for a _rebuilt_ 13.4 battery alone????

Surely there's a better way around rebuilding batteries than $36 . . does
anyone know how???

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