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Re: fire rated drywall?

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Subject: Re: fire rated drywall?
From: "John Gates" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 13:29:18 -0800
Well, what I remember....

The fire rated separation is due to the fuel loads, not hazard.  The garage
is not a more hazardous area, but is presumed to have a higher fuel load.
I'd use rated stuff on the separation, and on the clg if there is an
occupied space above or attic space adjoining the house.  To complete the
installation, joints are taped, penetrations sealed.  Doors usually have
self closers into the house too, and are solid core.  So what makes a rated
wall?  A test in the UL lab with a standard fire.  Is it a sure fire (sorry)
way to keep the fire from spreading?  Depends.  Do what makes you sleep
better and check that smoke detector.


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