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Re: fire rated drywall?

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Subject: Re: fire rated drywall?
From: "John Gates" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 10:08:52 -0800
Walls, clgs, floors, doors, etc are rated as an assembly.  A one hour wall
has fire rated 5/8 GWB on each side of 2 x 4 studs on 16 inch centers up to
so and so feet high, structurally attached at top and bottom, specific
fastener spacing, blah blah.  Putting up fire rated GWB doesn't make a rated
wall or clg.  Normally, a garage is separated from a residence by some sort
of fire rating, depending on your local code.  Other areas not now covered
with rated GWB probably don't need to be rated.

John Gates
Enumclaw, WA

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