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Re: Car wheel dollies

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Subject: Re: Car wheel dollies
From: "Rand E" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 22:40:21 -0600
The current Harbor Freight ad has them listed for $39.99 / pair.  Item #

I bought a two pair a couple years ago.  I wish I would have saved my money.
They don't roll too well when loaded.  It took a LOT of effort to move my
MR2 Turbo.  They aren't too bad if you move the car in a straight line but
didn't seem to want to turn very well.  The cast iron wheels are small and
not real smooth. It was easier to just use a floor jack to lift the car and
turn it around.

They do work good for tire dollies.  :)

Randy Eickhoff
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> Harbor Freight. I paid sale price of ~$70 for 2 pairs a couple of years
> They have worked well for my 2200 lb Omni and had room to spare even with
> 225/45-15 tires on 9" wide rims.
> Bart Holden
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> Has anyone used the small dollies that fit under each wheel?

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